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The Time I Was a Flapper (Again!)

This weekend was the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island in NYC. This is its 7th year, so it’s gotten pretty popular. I finally went for the first time this year since I actually had a costume. I wore the dark green flapper dress this time (as referenced in my other flapper post from May), along with extra accessories like an antique ring from the ’30s and a lambswool stole.

I borrowed a peacock feathered headband from my roommate, dusted off my cigarette holder (though I didn’t bother with a real cig this time), and set off. I had to wear some ugly and non-period-appropriate flats since my feet are still swollen and wrapped from my bunion surgeries. But from the ankles up, I tried my best!

I followed this makeup tutorial on YouTube, though I skipped the foundation step since I don’t actually own any. I really, really hate the feel of foundation on my face, and only used touches of concealer, though I did powder the shit out of my nose.

I also went more red than purple on the lip, since I’m too pale to pull off lipstick that dark. I also didn’t bother with fake eyelashes since I’m lazy.

Here’s are some photos from June’s party (yes, they had it twice this summer): http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/fashion/they_re_jazz_beens_4f7TFQEthWpi6QzqaOKu2N

And more photos from June: http://www.keikolynn.com/2012/06/governors-island-jazz-age-lawn-party.html

And a Flickr slideshow from missapril1956 (I DID NOT take these photos!):

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