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The Time I Was a Slacker

So, yeah, I didn’t post on Friday, and my post here for Monday is going to be kind of crappy. Let me explain why.

Thursday was just a ball of pain. My post-op foot was killing me, and as soon as I woke up, I immediately passed out in the bathroom. Home alone. The entire rest of the afternoon/evening was just more passing out and throbbing pain, so I was pretty much a mess. My theory is that the fainting was due to low blood sugar, but even after I ate, I was still feeling extremely woozy. Then maintenance came by and carved huge holes in our apartment ceiling. Evidently, there was a flood on the floor above us last week, and we’ve had leaks ever since. Nobody will come to patch the holes until sometime next week. And then I fainted in front of the maintenance guy while plaster fell all around me. So, yeah, not a great day.

Friday, I was still in pain, and still on painkillers. I also worked from home all day, so much of my time was spent doing HTML and copyediting for a company website launch on Monday. By the time I was finished, I was so tired of typing that I just couldn’t face writing a blog post.

Saturday, Sunday, and today, I’ve continued to work from home on the website. My foot is elevated and iced, and seems to be finally improving. The first 72 hours post-surgery are apparently the worst, and I will confirm that based on my two recent procedures. The first three days are BRUTAL. I managed to chew up my entire bottom lip, which is a terrible habit that tends to come out when I’m stressed, or in pain, or bored, or hungry, or whenever really. Usually I chew gum to avoid eating myself, but I ran out and can’t get to a pharmacy or grocery to get more.

I watched the Olympics opening ceremony on Friday night, and was continually pissed off by NBC’s shitty coverage. Luckily, I’ve discovered a way to watch live BBC Olympic coverage on my computer using Expat Shield. Check it out if NBC, Bob Costas, Matt Lauer, Ryan Seacrest, and Meredith Vieira are driving you up the wall. Expat Shield is PC only, but you can try TunnelBear if you’re on a Mac. Or try Canada’s CTV Olympic coverage. Basically, there are many ways to avoid NBC, and I recommend you do so since they have shat the bed SO BADLY so far. Just check out how #nbcfail is trending on Twitter, or this compendium of failure, ignorance, and sadness.

So, yes, an uneventful weekend of pain, HTML boredom, and bitching. This is why you get a post like this. I will try and do better for Wednesday! Like writing an ACTUAL STORY. Remember when I used to do that?

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