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The Time I Had Foot Surgery

Hey, remember when I had bunions? I had surgery yesterday on my right foot, which will be followed in a month or so by my left foot.

So how’s it going? Well, it’s not as painful as I anticipated, but it doesn’t feel great either. Walking around my apartment is torture, but sometime a girl’s gotta eat and go to the bathroom, so it’s unavoidable. Otherwise, I’m laying in bed with my foot elevated on a pillow, and a bag full of ice that I put on my ankle off and on.

I have Percocet here, but have only taken a little bit since the pain isn’t too intense, and it makes me really drowsy. The doctor originally wanted to prescribe me Vicodin, but I refused since hydrocodone has the unfortunately side effect of making me vomit uncontrollably. After some back and forth, he finally allowed me to get Percocet. I guess it’s more likely to be abused or something, so he was very reluctant to let me have it.

They gave me a small surgical boot to wear while walking, which is a relief since I was expecting a huge full-leg monstrosity.

And then there is my foot itself, which is still gloriously coated in Betadine. My second toe has been lowered dramatically, to the point where it’s actually below ALL my other toes now. Hopefully it’ll move back up a little after the dressings are removed?

I also have to wear this ridiculous-looking leg cover while bathing. It sucks all the air out so that there’s a completely waterproof seal.

Sexy stuff. Hopefully I’ll heal quickly so I can actually walk. Even just trying to grab lunch from the kitchen is quite the trek.

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