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The Time I Made a Liquor Guessing Game

I’m sure I’m not the first person to do this, but I thought I’d share anyway.

My boss at work was gone on vacation the past two weeks, and we originally had grand plans to transform her office. Some of the usual pranks were discussed, such as gluing/taping everything to the ceiling, covering everything in tin foil, or filling the place up with packing peanuts. All were dismissed, and I thought it would be nice to build a full bar in the corner since my boss certainly enjoys her booze. However, it was a crazy two weeks work-wise, and none of us really had any carpentry skills. By the time I starting thinking about a prank again, we only had a day before her return.

So I decided instead to make a boozy drinking guessing game, which would also work well for birthdays or bachelor/bachelorette parties.

I ordered 12 8-dram glass vials from Amazon, each of which holds 1 oz, or a little less than a shot. I labeled each one using a pen and masking tape, then set to work.

My liquor cabinet has quite a bit in it, so I easily found 12 different substances. I actually had 15 or so to choose from, which worries me a bit. I bought all this alcohol myself for my own personal use. Concerning.

Anyway, I poured in everything from Jim Beam to butterscotch schnapps. I was trying to go for a lot of different colors and textures. For the hard liquors, participants got one point for correctly guessing the type of booze, and an extra point for determining the exact brand. Most everyone was able to tell the vodka and gin apart, but few could come up with the correct brand.

Here is how I gave the vials to my boss, all nicely displayed and iced in a shallow square vase. She proudly displayed it until the end of the day, when it was time to play the game.

We gathered in the conference room with our mugs, and each sampled the wares. In retrospect, providing water or crackers to cleanse the palate between tastings would have been a good idea. Everyone wrote down their guesses, and we tallied the points at the end.

The results, together with choice comments!

  1. Jim Beam bourbon (white label): “Ugh, tastes like college.”
  2. Jägermeister: “Blleeaarrgghhh.”
  3. Damrak gin: “This is tasty! And I think it’s gin? Oh, god, can I not tell the difference between vodka and gin?!”
  4. Gosling’s gold rum: “Nail polish remover, plain and simple.” “Foul.” A few pegged this as brandy instead of rum.
  5. Baileys Irish cream: “Oo, can we make Buttery Nipples afterwards?”
  6. Ketel One vodka: “I knew it was Ketel One since this is the only vodka I ever drink straight.” “Strangely odorless.”
  7. Triple Sec: “Citrusy!” Many thought this was gin, or a citrus-flavored vodka.
  8. Kahlúa: Though it clearly tasted like coffee, almost nobody guessed correctly!
  9. Buttershots butterscotch schnapps: “This is booze for children!” I had to explain why I had this stuff, which dated from a long time ago when I tried to make my own Butterbeer from Harry Potter.
  10. Firefly sweet tea vodka: “Oh, I could see this being dangerous.”
  11. Jack Daniel’s whiskey: “Once again, college.”
  12. Chambord: “What the hell is this? Lingonberry or something?”
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