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The Time Someone Broke a Book Over My Head

So this was an event that I hadn’t thought about in years, but came to the forefront of my mind after my brother and I discussed when we had made people horrifically angry with merely words.

Yes, I;m fairly certain that I could drive a person to murder with speech alone. I mean, the deceased would be myself, but still. That is some power you can believe in.

Anyway, we got to talking about when people had hauled off and popped us one in the middle of class, a presentation, or some other public event. Yes, we both possess the ability to annoy people to acts of spontaneous violence in the midst of an otherwise peaceful situation.

I first thought about high school, in Mrs. Savage’s 10th grade chemistry class. I for some reason could not stop teasing the girl who sat behind me, Michelle, about anything and everything. Outside of class, we were actually friends, and often ate lunch together with the theater folk. I couldn’t act to save my life, but I played piano accompaniment for some of the shows, so I was sort of a pseudo-theater geek. I was in actuality more of an art nerd, but those kids always just went out back during lunch to smoke pot, so I was stuck with the musical theater people.

Anyway, I’d bug the ever living shit out of her, mostly because I thought chemistry was the dullest thing I had ever had to study in school. I still hate it, despite my fascination with forensic science and the tests that go into trace evidence. Chemistry still sucks ass, and it always will.

One day, Michelle had finally had enough of my bullshit. I had just turned around from annoying her, when I felt an incredible pressure on my head, together with a loud “CRACK!”

In a fit of rage, she had taken her black and white composition book and broken it in half using my scalp. This was in the middle of a lecture, and the entire class froze and swung around to our corner of the room, mouths open wide.

I slowly turned back around, and saw Michelle’s eyes showing more white than iris, and her face was red with nostrils flaring in anger. I was terrified. Somehow it’s always the scariest when it’s the quiet ones that finally snap. It looked like she was about to get into trouble, but knowing it was my fault, I laughed off the injury and told the teacher that it was nothing.

Michelle bought a new composition book, and we eventually went back to eating lunch together, but I had learned my lesson. Sometimes, you just gotta break a book in order to get someone to stop annoying you.

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