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The Time I Wandered Around My Own House

December 30, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

So I’ve been home in Cincinnati for almost a week, and I’m bored to tears.

I’ve observed my mom’s Christmas decorations, which include 6 trees of various sizes, 1 nutcracker, 4 snowmen, 2 angels, 4 Santas, 1 polar bear, 1 sheep, 1 miniature Christmas village, 1 train, and 9 elves. Scattered around are also ceramic mice and tiny little fake wrapped presents. All are surrounded by fake snow.

She gets pretty into the holidays.

Then I decided to just run around and take pictures of interesting/strange things in our house. Not pictured items include Popples, Purrtenders, ancient My Little Pony horses complete with a pink plastic castle, Smurfs, and bags of Troll dolls. Click on any photos to see them full-sized.

Russian babushka nesting dolls from the USSR. I played with these for ages when I was little.
One of my dad’s many old Lionel electric trains – this is the engine. This thing weighs a ton, and is completely made of metal. He has them all in a rotting cardboard box in the attic, and I hope he decides to save them soon. I salvaged this one myself when I came home this week.
A creepy, creepy sun face sculpture that is hanging above the stairs. This thing has always terrified me.
One of my great aunt’s sculptures. She worked as a professional artist, and most of her signature pieces were done in plain terra cotta. We have a lot of her sculptures around the house, and this one is sitting in my parents’ bedroom.
This kooky clay menorah I found in the basement I thought would offset some of the Christmas decorations above. I found two other menorahs floating around, but we haven’t lit them in a long time.
This just cracks me up. It’s my dad’s wall o’ obsolete electronics! Included here is a Betamax player, Minidisc player, Laserdisc player, and a machine that only copies DVDs to other DVDs. This last gadget takes twice the running time of the DVD to do its job, if I remember correctly.
The first of many 80’s and 90’s toys languishing in our basement. This was my Creepy Crawler bug oven set, complete with original box! I burned myself countless times on those little metal trays, but I loved it.
I don’t know what this is, or what cartoon (or movie?) it’s from, but this little tree house featured heavily in my toy rotation.
Nickelodeon Flash Screen! This thing brought me way too much entertainment for what it was. It was just a screen that you’d hang in a dark room, then you’d take the flasher (just a regular old camera flash), and the screen would preserve shadows that appeared when the flash went off. The shadows faded in 30 seconds or so, but obscene things could be done with the shadows in the meantime. The smiling guy on this package looks straight out of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters to me.
123 Sesame Street! This thing opens up, with Hooper’s Store featured on the opposite side. I was perhaps Sesame Street’s biggest fan back in the day. I remember refusing to go to school unless I knew that Sesame Street was being taped for me during the day.
A fiendishly difficult puzzle featuring a tiny blob of mercury. Nothing like the potential for poisoning to make a maze more exciting!
A bizarre cubic maze from LIFE magazine. Why do we have this? Nobody knows.
Another cool gift from another artist aunt. My dad’s sister gave this to me when I was little. It was originally just red plastic, but she hand-painted it into this little work of art.
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